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and I'm related to


His Cross Training


Father God in heaven, we need Your help.

Your temples, our bodies are abused and challenged, effecting our

relationship with you.

Sometimes the walls of complacency 

built up between us seem insurmountable.

Sometimes it seems

there is just too much fatigue and hopelessness to overcome.

Nevertheless, we Acknowledge

right now that you have already

given us the Sustenance and Power

we need to make

Powerful Change in our lives!

So we thank you Father for the Strength that the Holy Spirit alone can give.

We thank You for Divine Energy and Resolve, and for helping us to move out of our spiritual, physical, and soulish ruts; and into the Wholeness and Authority

You have Promised us.


We thank You for

the eyes of our understanding

being opened to the Power

of this process,

and we Delight as we See

and Receive all that You

have provided for us.

We pray these things in the

mighty name of Jesus! 





Derrick, Thank you for all you’ve done for me over the last two years.  You and Beverly have been so kind and welcoming to me and you’ve made me feel like family.  You have truly helped me find a passion for fitness.  In our time together, not only have I grown stronger, but I have developed confidence and learned things about myself that I never even knew.  You are a truly a great trainer and a great person and I feel so blessed to have had you on this journey with me. I can’t thank you enough.

A. Maddox - Pasadena, Ca. 


“I had trouble keeping my commitment to exercise when I was doing it for me; because I wasn’t accountable to anyone else.  By being reminded about how much God wants me to win, the (fact that the) exercises were also easy enough to learn and accomplish, so I didn’t get discouraged.  And then hearing prayer when I’m tired and want to quit (changed that).  I had a new experience getting up and out of my house at 5 am to do something for myself; and also it was a witness to my family.  This ministry is a God send for people like me! “Godly Fitness” gave me a greater purpose:  To Please God first, and to be consistent in all areas of my life.” 

J. Sanders – Pasadena, Ca.                                                                                                                         

“I am motivated and inspired, the pursuit of Godly fitness causes you to be determined and never give up; you don’t rely on your general being (person) to encourage you, you have to surrender your mind and focus to the Lord.” “With God all things are possible, including becoming physically fit.”                                 C. Rosemond – Altadena Ca.


“I used to exercise a lot in my youth, but I have never been motivated to do so six days a week.”  “Thanks Derrick for pointing me in the right direction.  God has motivated me, and with His help I will continue.     G. Valentine-Taylor – Sierra Madre Ca. 


“Godly fitness is from the inside out.”                           K. Turner – Altadena Ca.


“Wow, practicing Spiritual and physical fitness with emphasis on God being my source of strength makes all the difference; it removes the “me”.”                        F. Edwards – Fontana Ca. 


“His Cross Training has helped me to take the kinds of actions, and make the kinds of decisions needed to achieve the results I desire.” “It is working in my life, and is the first and best plan I am aware of that does it God’s Way!”                                                                   J. Shackelford – Altadena, Ca.


“In moments of wanting to give up in an exercise; when I focus on God, I no longer want to give up and end up using strength from Him.”  “The program is excellent, quick and easy, especially for a working mother.”  The results are great to the point of actually seeing results spiritually and physically…”                    J Watson-Dancer – Pasadena, Ca.   


“You begin to see you how God see’s you; and not man.  And you understand that your body is to be used for God’s work, and you have to be healthy for that.”                                                                                 C. Lee – Pasadena, Ca.    



“I hate getting up in the morning because I stay up late watching T.V. or reading.  But knowing I have to get up and come to His Cross Training was all I needed to make sure I got sleep at night.  Thanks alot for all your support!  I plan to continue…  Giving God all the praise!”                                                                M. Green – Altadena, Ca.


“Godly fitness is stepping out on faith and knowing God will have you on the same page: Mentally, Physically and Emotionally.  It is so important to walk totally in the spirit through the His Cross Training sessions; by calling on Jesus when it gets tough, it gives you that extra push you need.  It’s about Conceiving, Believing and Achieving!”                            T. Neal – Pasadena Ca.

1Timothy 4:11, Hebrews 2:10 & 10:14



                                                               Bringing Christian Spirituality   to Personal Training

One recent Sunday afternoon Angel and Jonathan Epps met with their personal trainer, Derrick Dancer for a workout near their Pasadena home.  Like thousands of other fitness minded southern California residents, they use a trainer for additional motivation and support.  Unlike most personal trainers however, Dancer uses the word of God to motivate his clients.  

Dancer found His Cross Training Fitness (fifteen years ago) as a way to help others attain their fitness goals, and as a way to bring people closer to God.  He drew inspiration from the Bible; specifically

1Timothy 4:8 which says, “For physical exercise has some value, but Godliness (spiritual exercise) is valuable in every way, it holds promise for the present life and for the life to come.”   

“His Cross Training utilizes the principle of Biblical Meditation as a tool which enables its clients (with God’s help) to develop and create their own positive results in the areas of spiritual, mental and physical fitness,” Dancer explains.

The Epps credit Dancer’s influence with bringing them renewed focus on staying fit, “this exercise is more spiritual the physical, this is not a chore,” says Angel.  She adds, “It is very inspirational being with someone so positive and encouraging.”      

His Cross Training Fitness client and Pasadena business owner David Evens calls Dancer’s Program, “Motivating and Inspiring.”

Dancer works hard to fit the prayer and exercise regimen into the busy lives of his clients. He makes himself available early mornings and evenings to accommodate working families. 


“That’s the whole point,” say Dancer, “to make this easy and fun for people.” 

The burgeoning popular interest in yoga is one example of how eastern philosophy and spirituality have been linked to physical fitness.  The link between Christian spirituality and fitness has been less defined in the public consciousness.  God through His Cross Training is changing that, one workout at a time. 


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